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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  June 28, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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79. again one of those hit or miss situations, depending on where you are, how bad you're sweating right now. but 80s more most of us throughout the rest of the evening, a few storms well off the east. huge relief coming for all of us. we'll talk about the timing of that in a couple of minutes, kelly. >> thanks wyatt. you can always track the weather right down to your neighborhood street. log into be sure to check out maryland's most powerful doppler radar. well baltimore mayor stephanie rollins blake has ordered an audit have the police department's rape investigations after they reported one out of three reports are unsolved. that's highest rate of any major city in the country. tonight abc 2 news jeff haeger spoke with one victim who says police botched her case from the very beginning. >> the young woman from essex caught a city bus to west baltimore to to get a tattoo back in september when arapist
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allegedly forced her into a nearby row home. months later the alleged victim still doesn't know if police are even looking for her attacker. >> really do not know. >> when's the last time you heard from police? >> probably four months ago. five months ago. >> reporter: the victim says on the night of the attack she ran out on the street and flagged down an officer who asked her if she had already called it in and drove away. when another unit showed up they drove her to a satellite post, questioned her for more than an hour and tore up the report when she demanded they take her to the hospital. after we publicized her story police contacted her again. but as members of the sex crimes unit drove her around the neighborhood she claims they stopped to assist officers arresting another rape suspect while she sat alone in the squad car. >> there was an african- american guy sitting on the ground in handcuffs and like i said to you, he just kept looking at me out of the corner of his eye. >> reporter: as for the evidence in this case, the
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victim fears it was compromised from the beginning. hospital attendants refused to collect a rape kit because the officers never requested it. the victim claims instead they told her to place her undergarments in a brown paper bag and collected it from her weeks later. there is still no word on whether they have even tested them for her attackers' dna. each as the city's top doppler pledge to restore every victim's face that when they report a crime it will be investigated. >> that's our obligation. and if we're not doing that we need to shake ourselves hard and make sure it happens. >> this victim's father says her suffering continues. >> she is still going through it and she will be going through it the rest of her life. i expect justice from somebody. >> reporter: jeff haeger, abc 2 news. the sun report suggests that 2 out of 5 emergency calls reporting a rape are dropped before detectives can be
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assigned to them. the baltimore county police need your help tonight trying to track down a man suspected of sexually assaulting a woman over the weekend. right now police are going by this forensic sketch. the suspect is described as being in his mid-20s, police say he may have a sizeable cut on his forehead. on saturday night they say the man broke into a home in the 6300 block of monica place and sexually assaulted a 43-year- old woman. >> whenever we have suspects like this we worry about more violence and we --ant the fact that he may have went to another residence right after sexually assaulting this girl certainly shows us that he may be setting up to go to other places. >> anyone with information is asked to call metro crimestoppers, the number is 18667-lockup. welcome this holiday weekend you should see the largest police presence in recent memory at the inner harbor. baltimore city police commissioner fred bale fell says there will be more than 300 officers patrolling the
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harbor for the 4th of july. they drew a record crowd last year and expects the same if not more 24 year. that requires cooperation from a large number of police forces and a large number of state troopers. >> the logistics are being worked out by commanders in both departments where our troopers will be assigned but we'll be there and help with whatever we need to do. >> the police commissioner says the increased police presence is not in response to this past weekend's shooting near the world trade center, rather, it's in preparation for another record-setting crowd. well it was build as one of the city's premier communities but a slump in the economy put a damper on buyer's interest in the higher dollar peer homes. the developers are now taking a different approach to trying to sell these luxury homes. roosevelt leftwich joins us with more. >> how would you like a million dollars home with 75% off. they are putting 12 high-end
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waterfront homes on the auction block which, for some, is a bargain hunter's dream. no, really. you have to understand this really is a very nice house. 2 1/2 pedestrian rooms spread over five levels featuring a master sweet and a bathroom as big as some locker room 7:00. nice view of the harbor from every floor. it can be yours for $400,000 or so. considering the original price was well over a million bucks this is a steal. >> it has been a hit to reel estate, especially when it comes to the disconnect a seller may have started a project thinking they were going to get a certain dollar value and the realization where the market has settled. i think you see that across the board. >> peer homes was a nice concept started probably at the wrong time as the housing market started to go down. 33 out of 88 homes were sold, it's not full and sales have been sluggish with top end homes priced at $2 million or no. with the average starting price
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at 70% off they hope the auction process will set the price for homes they are willing to pay in this market. >> the consumer goes out and do their homework and determine what they think it's worth and the seller is going to be willing to accept that price. >> reporter: it's good news for buyers who were hoping to get waterfront property at a bargain price. bidding starts on the smallest units, 3100 square feet, at $329,000, that's more than $900,000 off. >> some of them have the french doors which i lost, just the kitchen layout, cabinetry. >> looking for a bargain? >> yes. isn't everybody? >> reporter: so what about the folks who already bought a home at the higher price? wilkinson says that most of the homeowners they spoke with feel this is the right approach because by adding more people to the development it will help raise the value of their homes by increasing the occupancy. you still have time to register to bid at the auction. it starts at 7:00 at the march
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yacht waterfront hotel. roosevelt leftwich, abc 2 news. >> thanks rosy. president barack obama says the country has lost a voice of principle and reason with the passing of senator robert byrd. he says byrd had a passion for the senate and held the deepest respect for members of both parties. he became a champion over the years for west virginia. >> losing a friend, losing a mentor, and losing a champion for the state of west virginia of the united states of america is one that will never be replaced. there will never be another robert cbyrd. >> he died earlier today at a virginia area hospital. he was 92 years old. well it's the hot topic in maryland's politics. who will republican roberter lick pick as his running mate for the governor's race. he says he will make his announcement in a couple of days on his facebook page. march tip o'malley in a
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gubinatorial rematch. congressman dutch ruin effortsburg will run for his fifth attempt. he represents second district which includes baltimore, and anne arundel county. and frank karadzic aville has filed for re-election as well. he stopped in his district over the weekend, he represents maryland's first district which is comprised mostly of if eastern shore. well it is a summertime footwear favorite. but before you put on those fancy little flip-flops you want to make sure they are the right choice for your feet. here is the health minute. >> reporter: deborah brooks has sensitive feet and needs to take care of them so when she developed a blister after wearing flip-flops she went to see her doctor. she knows the shoes aren't the best fit for her feet but she likes them. >> i slip into them and you're gone. >> although they are convenient and in some cases fashion
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analysis they have never been the favorite of foot physicians. the flat shoes are bad for the arches, give bad support which can lead to ankle injured and because your feet slide in them they can cause blisters and cal uses. >> you need to make sure you are securing the bio mechanics of your foot. if you get slides, just slippery rube retype of flip- flops it is even more dangerous than trying to do something barefoot. >> reporter: although doctor zinzer says thee won't rule out flip-flops entirely she advises her clients to choose carefully. >> you need to consider what your risk factors are. >> reporter: going to the gym flip-flops can protect you from organisms in public showers. but if you're going hiking leave the flip-flops at home. for today's health minute i'm susan hendrix. no doubt foreclosure is a painful process. if you or someone you know is facing that threat you can't afford to miss this next story.
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how people who claim to want to help are only in it to steal the little money that you may have left. and we're finally getting a break from our record-breaking heat. but you still need to watch out for those five very important signs of dehy demonstration. details on that coming up. currently 86 degrees in baltimore, wyatt has got details of a much cooler forecast coming up.
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, you're watching the station that works for you, abc 2 news at 6:00. accord to go realty tracker more than 10,000 foreclosure
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prompts reading mere in maryland. as if that weren't bad enough there are actually some folks hoping to cash in on someone else's misfortune. jesse stone has a warning about foreclosure consultants in tonight's scam alerted. >> reporter: experts believe more than 3 million americans will face for closure in the coming months but not only are homeowners at risk of losing their homes they could lose even more. >> with the rise of foreclosures across the country unfortunately it has also caused scams to start popping up where people are coming in and saying that they can help people solve their foreclosure issues for money and turns out they are really not offering them anything at all. >> so-called foreclosure consultants are through public documents and seeking out homeowners at risk of foreclosure. once they find their targets they contact them posing as government workers with promises to save their home with loan modifications. >> you might be approached by a foreclosure consultant who might take advantage of you, they may solicit you or ask for money up front or tells you not
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to talk to your lender directly. >> reporter: there are some phrasee you should watch out for like "i'm here to help." are weary if you hear that from anyone other than your lender. the other one"for a small fee." you don't need to pay for loan modification or foreclosure assistant phrases. the other one "let's not bother your bank about this." walk away quickly from anyone who encourages you not to talk to your lender. about you before you make any drastic moves keep in mind that maryland has a new foreclosure mediation law that goes into effect this week. the goal is to help only owners find loan modification or something that allows them to keep their homes. josie sterman, abc 2 news. >> if you're in danger of losing your home and you need some help you can contact the state run maryland hope line. the number 187746275555. if you have been victimized you should report the company to the state attorney general or the department of labour. now we have put the links with
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all that information on our web site at abc all you have to do is check out scam alert section and click on money and click on the an geese list tab. well for those of you looking to spruce up the outside of your home how do you know when it's time to paint? the most obvious sign is peeling. peeling paint allows water to seep into the wood and can cause the wood to rot. experts say ignoring this can lead to more expensive repairs down the road. a good paint job should last about 5 to 10 years. go to for more of these tips. here click on the lifestyle tab. then your home. you'll find more money saving tips when it comes to painting your home. well according to forbes magazine the future is actually looking a little brighter for college graduates. more than a dozen companies in a variety of industries are expected to hire new employees this year. verizon actually tops the list with an expected addition of
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over 10,000 entry-level additions. enterprise, hewlett packard and target are also on the list. . since it was yet another code red heat alert day in our area health officials want to remind us that it's very, very easy to get dehydrated especially this time of year. so here are some things you need to look out for. the first sign of dehy demonstration is extreme thirst. also, if you feel light headed you could be dehydrated. >> when you don't have enough fluid the heart can't pump fast enough to get blood up to your brain so when you change position suddenly your heart catches up but it takes a second or two, you can have anywhere from 1 second to 30 seconds of dizziness and light headed necessary where you feel like you're going to pass out. >> now if you have any muscle weakness or cramps that's another tell tale sign. monitor how many times you go to the bathroom.
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your body may not be producing urine. and headaches are a sign you need to recharge on water. health officials urge people who are outdoors to come in and read a good book. local libraries are a great place to cool off. while also refreshing your mind. you can call the access point of howard county with questions about the expected heat at (410)313-5980. . >> now the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and martinez's most powerful doppler radar. >> now a cool down. i'm loving this. >> sounds good doesn't it kelly. >> it's still humid outside. >> 10 days in a row, 90 plus, set another record, today, smashing a record for 1969. it's been one heck of a long hot streak here so we cool it off a little bit the next week or so. all right. >> that sounds good. >> yes, let's take a look outside. sunshine is back out. we like that. people out and about, 85 right now, not bad. considering we're up to 1 # 0
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earlier today in many spots. humidity 70%, it is still muggy out there, maryland's most powerful radar showing the last of our significant storms now off to our south and east. the couple of storms down toward the beaches right now but nothing here in the baltimore area. that was not the case today. our exclusive weather net camera, stormy skies over the inner harbor, a brief downpour, skies begin to clear out later into afternoon, an anomalous looking sky out toward mount eerie, murky gray, we finally cleared out toward sunset. one last shot, wild sky, downpour in laurel. then that thundershower pushes east, we see things clear out nicely as we go south of the city. want to show you this, almanac numbers for today. 99 out at bwi. 2010, 1969 the old record was 98 but now we've got a new one from 2010. hot stuff and a half inch of rain which we really needed out at bwi.
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where the thundershowers were it definite he gave the grass a little bit to drink, 99 the high today, in baltimore, 1 # 0 for pea tucks it river. temperatures in the 80s, they are coming back up again in the wake of some storms. 90 in hayingersberg, but cooler towardies on the. the moisture, that humidity in the air, it is still awfully high, documents in the mid-# 70s, muggy as it gets. muggy air to the west. that line of showers and storms as they continue to push off to the shore, behind it some quiet weather tonight, humidity will begin to drop as we go into the day tomorrow. two different cool frontal boundaries coming in. the first pushing the hot evidence and most humid air off to the east. we'll get in the this section tomorrow, cooler, 90, we call 90 milder lately. then cooler air will come in and drop us into the 80-degree ranges as we go toward the middle of the week. going to take two cool fronts to get it down to a more
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moderate level. showers dissipate overnight. then we're left with really clear skies tomorrow. might see a few clouds in the after noon, this next cool front will come through dry. we don't want to see any showers or storms spark up tune. a warm night. up to 88 to 90 degrees in many spots tomorrow. then look at this. as we work into wednesday afternoon only 82 for baltimore, so again that heat wave beginning to break down, at heaved for three or four or five days. next weekend it looks like the heat kind of builds back in. overnight tonight 72, some clearing, gets less humid. then tomorrow we're talking about 92 or so i think at the peak of the afternoon, but most of the day tomorrow will be in the 80s, less humid, an improvement at least and a drier heat as they say down in the southwest. tomorrow night 60, this is when we really begin to feel the difference tomorrow night as that drier cooler air moves in with that second front. it will really make a changes as we go through thursday to low 80 its, 50s at night.
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you can open up the windows and turn off the ac. possible. next weekend looks like it will heat up as we head toward the 4th of july. >> thanks wyatt. coming up in a moment we'll head up to new york to take a look at the closing numbers and again on this monday, cooling things down quite a bit. looks pretty peaceful down at the inner harbor. we'll be right back after a short break . >> storm gear and promotional consideration provided by l.l. bean. i were a customer,
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. abc 2 news is brought to you by aaa. use it for all its worth. [ bell ] today made for an under womenning start to the week as stocks traded booking a modest loss. dow jones down 5, s & p 500 down over 2. and now we're gonna take a look at what's in store for you coming up weather wise tonight. if you are heading out and about. >> absolutely kelly. things looking better for us. going to be warm and muggy but the last of the storms, powerful radar pushing well off to the south beaches. the outlook, here is the good news, we've got nice relief here from the heat right through tuesday on through the end of the week. even tomorrow will be a drier heat. okay. >> okay. so the run i tried to make this morning, maybe i can do it tomorrow morning. >> tomorrow morning would be great and especially through the week. you should be running every day kelly. >> today was pretty painful. i was tee hydrated.
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>> all right. that's it for us, we'll be back tonight at 11:00. thanks for joining us, have a good anything. # -- night
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